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Trip to Bangkok to collect Islamic Lotto winnings Part 2.

After sending Waleed all of “my” personal information, I got this somewhat curious response from him: Your information and drivers license have noted ok and i have already attached it to your winning file. Meanwhile, since you are not enough ok, I suggest you choose a transfer option to transfer your winning prize (US$500,000) direct […]

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Bicycle Saga Part IV — Why UPS sucks

So… still waiting for the bike.  However, I can’t blame the dude from Texas who sold it to me.  If anything, he’s been pretty helpful.  The problem is UPS was a little off with their precision guided delivery systems.  Considering that Houston, Texas is about a four hour flight from where I live, I guess […]

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I won the lotto

Got a fish on the hook. I have been having a fun time with a 419 scam artist. I am currently about four or five exchanges in with this guy from god knows where, so I figure the relationship is advanced enough that I can start posting the exchanges here for everybody’s entertainment. I won’t […]

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Cardinals Phillies

Cole Hamels is on the hill today, and the Cardinals just sent up some kid named Aaron Miles who I guess has been lights out lately.  There were two outs and a guy on first, who ended up stealing second.  Then the Cardinals announcers (Mike Shannon and somebody else) started getting all antsy about the […]

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I eventually got $1000 from my old job to go towards a replacement for my damaged bike frame.  The cost of a replacement frame with the labor to put my old parts on it would have been around $1300 total.  I say would have, because when I got that $1000 I started thinking about buying […]

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On the Floor

My wife is bent out of shape because I have been falling asleep at 7 and then waking up at 10 all ready to play when she is going to bed.  What can I say?  If I was tired now, I would go try and catch up to a normal sleeping routine, instead of two […]

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She is Risen

Yesterday when I got back to the house after taking the dogs for their morning walk, I noticed what I thought was a female house sparrow carcass against the stairs leading up to the back deck.  The beagle was all over this find, scratching and clawing towards it.  Luckily I was able to keep him […]

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Phillies Indians Notes

While typing the next entry this is going on: The Indians radio announcer is comparing tonight’s Phillies Indians game to a gym class in which you have to square dance with your sister. The analyst senses this is an awkward topic and has refrained for the most part from putting his two cents in. The […]

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Tradition in Action

My buddy Kaiser and I have spent the past few days studying the Tradition in Action website. It’s a site that’s concerned with the “desacralization” of the Catholic church. It suffers hilariously from a neurotic disposition towards semi-nude “native” women the pope met on world tours, funny hats, punk priests, acrobats, and clowns. The last […]

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Give Praise!

The fightin’ Phils swept the Mets in Shea! Three glorious games. The Mets announcers said as much. Kieth Hernandez gushing over Chase Utley like he was one of Chase’s Chicks. Off to KC (site of game 5 of the 1980 World Series, the most intense World Series game ever played) to pad our record!! I’ve […]

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